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So, I very nearly named this blog post “Leading a ‘Testing’ Team”. I don’t know if that was a Freudian slip on my part, or actually if it’s just a statement of fact. How does someone go about leading a test team, or a testing team for that matter.
Being a tester myself, I know that there are possibly some challenges ahead. Whether that’s due to the natural tenancies for testers to be natural pedants, “Professionally” pessimistic, or just due to their amount of experience; one thing for sure, it’s going to be interesting.
We all have our own ideas of what “Testing” actually is. Whether that’s as outlined by the ISTQB, or some other governing body. Or, if it’s as I hope, with some life experience, tenacity and willingness to learn, re-learn and be willing to forget, or, as James Bach says, be a Buccaneer scholar.
We shall see what happens. Wish me luck?