The Power of Language

In today’s world, I cannot believe that people, especially those in a position of authority, are still seemingly ignorant of the power of language. Even if it’s a written note, email or in-person and out loud, it still has the same, if not more of, an impact.

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword; certainly within the corporate sphere – ignoring those that do take a sword to work with them (not to be ignorant or uninclusive). So, with this in mind, how, when we are striving for leadership and inspirational words, are we left with those that shut us down and make us want to curl up in just 4 lines of text in an email?

Is this just my experience? I think not; given that we can illustrate to the world our deepest feelings in 140 characters (or less) for the most part. Yes, we can be succinct, but we’re still eloquent when trying to get a point across, aren’t we?

I think I’m going to expand on this, but this is certainly thought for today.

Please, think about what you’re writing and re-read it before you send it. It could make all the difference to someone today.